Body Image Pro Gets A Lessons at the FKK Party

Guest website written by: Shaquoya Hemmans
Body Image Pro Learns About Body Image:
Living in a world where beauty is power, I have consistently had trouble finding myself in it. Always keeping up with the ever changing trends, spa treatments, and health club work outs is challenging and expensive. All that in an attempt for me to always be accepted and adored for the beauty ideals and attractiveness which was developed before I was born. Needless to say I ‘m not the only girl, only woman, trans woman, man or child who resides this cycle of ridiculousness. is Shaquoya Hemmans. Feminist. Progressive. Strong-willed. Strong. Woman. I work with women and young women from the ages of 5-19 who have been sexually exploited. I conduct workshops to encourage Healthy Body Image. I was encouraged to conduct a workshop at the Naturist Portal Gathering at Juniper Woods. Initially, I was really nervous to accept. I’ve never experienced an open space around nude individuals before, much less to be unclothed around folks I didn’t know.
Thinking of letting them see my naked body, the body that I dressed and decorated for years, without my armor of attractiveness scared the shit out of me. How would they know how amazing I can be without my long, beautiful scarf blocking the perspective to my round gut? How do I show my standing without my gold watch and studded dress? Who am I without the costume I worked to perfect for over 21 years? I have conducted workshops for over a year and a half, teaching others how to love themselves more, yet the idea of me being naked sent my self confidence crashing down. But I adore a challenge. I knew this could be a opportunity to do something I have not done before so I happily accepted and made arrangements. I’ve never been more excited, scared, and nervous.
I arrived with a friend/ helper to Juniper Woods with a filled bag for the night and my laptop with 3 hours of notes from the long drive to the resort. I needed to make sure I intended as much as possible for the new audience of my workshop. I was greeted with smiles and naked skin. Everywhere I looked was a naked butt, bare breast and genitals. As much as I enjoyed seeing, I knew that there were eyes on the young woman running the body image workshopstill covered with clothing. So for the sake of keeping others comfortable, I got naked.
Body Image Pro at Juniper Woods with FKK
N-A-K-E-D! I walked freely with the naked folks. The people who would be considered unusual or perverts. These “peculiar folks” were more accepting than any “regular” judgmental folks I ‘ve met before. They walked bare without a fancy scarf blocking their tummies. They walked unclothed with large visible scars, without cosmetics, without fancy jewelry, without judgment. It made it simpler for me to take my clothes off and get naked. To undress myself of the perfected costume, to leave my fancy jewelry and status-telling outfit behind for some good old human dialogue. At one point I looked at myself in the mirror. Analyzing my curves and defects, trying to visualize what others see. Trying to comprehend why for so long I was hiding, embarrassed of the body that cradles my spirit. Who made me ashamed? Who gave me the societal guideline that has held me back from loving myself without all the shit beauty magazines offer to help “fix” me? Why did I ever consider that this individual, I, me, myself who I see staring back at me in the mirror was ever any less beautiful afterward what I saw in that moment.
I got my notebook, tore all my planned notes from my book, and got my pencil. I headed over to start my body image workshop.
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