The Northeast Naturist Festival 2011!

The Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven Nudist Park in upstate Fresh York:
Summer is when most of us get out of town on weekends, making trips to the nude beach and our favourite naturist locations. But some of the greatest weekends are when a group of us take a trip to the same location such as to the Northeast Naturist Festival. This yearly festival occurs at Empire Haven, a fkk resort / naturist campground in upstate NY that has been around for about 50 years. It was our very first time at the NNF and at Empire Haven.

The festival was a wonderful uplifting time! Six days of nonstop activity, with numerous diverse workshops going on at every hour of the day (sessions more jam-packed than at the TNS assembly). We tented (as usual) in their open rear field, and Empire has a vast place of trailers and tenting space, with and without conveniences hook up.
The primary area is made up of clubhouse with a snack bar a large and little hot tub, wet sauna and heated pool. Another little building they call the “khaki shack” was a cozy room lined with shelves of books and games. Only nearby is a cute and well-maintained playground and two outdoor pavilions where meals were served. (The food was mostly good, but pricey.)
In between is lots of grassy yard used for workshop areas. The facilities are all okay except for the bathroom scenario- no pleasant public bathrooms.
Northeast Naturist Festival at Empire Haven
We were there the last three days, and there was so much to do I found myself torn between workshops. But, we managed to do click ! From African dance and drum courses to NAC / fkk topic discussions to meditation to a hike to Potters Falls, the tasks were diverse and normally with 3 or 4 happening at any given time.
As a side note, I found that the TNS party in June was best suited to naturists that have a heavy interest in related matters, laws, politics, and in what’s happening with naturists everywhere; whereas this festival was more about fun leisure activities, learning awesome hobbies, curative mind workshops and physical nude fitness sessions.
Not that either one is superior to the other, as they both have distinct experiences to offer.
Empire Haven outdoor pool
Some of the festival activities offered awesome experiences to me, one of which was a type of sound healing session. I lay down halfway inside a half dome with my eyes closed and gongs hanging on each side emitting strong sounds as 2 educators waved their instruments.
The sound and vibrations filled the air around me and drowned out all the background noise until I felt separated from my environment. It was a bit loud, but an interesting couple of seconds.
Each night was the ill-famed drum circle. We collected around the fire pit with encompassed by an extensive ring of sand for folks to shimmy and dance around the fire. Various sorts of drums were available along the edge of the circle for people to join in the pounding.
The drum leader introduced the beats for everyone to drum in unison. On the sand several dancers swung their fabrics, Poi (those light-up balls), or shook their bells to add to the music. The unified thumping and primitive atmosphere were soothing and exciting at precisely the same time.
We also attended a workshop with an overview of NAC issues. I think it was too short of a time period to discuss anything in depth and develop further insight into any one of the topics brought up. But the top-free rights discussion was quite applicable for us, given my recent topless arrest that took place a few days before it.
The last activity we attended before parting on Sunday was the conventional Pudding Toss. url met a group of 20 people or so in an enclosed little grass space. The cups and tin cans filled with chocolate and vanilla pudding were lined up. After the kids were given cups and free shots at the grown-ups, the rest of us were handed an overflowing cup of pudding with a plastic spoon.
And the mayhem began! Screams, cheers and gallons of pudding flung through the air until all bodies were canvases of dark brown and white splatters. Once the pudding ran out, we had a mass group hug, bodies pressed together to smudge our artwork.. Surreal, wild mess! (To some outsiders, the nude thing is strange enough..envision describing a naked pudding throw 😉
So that was the festival! Coming up..the story of our weekend spent hanging out with naked and clothed biker dudes and a beer fountain.. – Our weekend at Penn Sylvan!

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